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Unable to Reach Me?

Just send an Email to or click the button below. This will forward your Email to a set of people who may have additional resources to contact me. Leave all your details and a message - I'll get back to you!

Require Remote Access?

My PC sits in my bedroom and I definitely would not like flashing lights or noise all day. I keep the PC off most times resulting in remote access to be offline too. You need to contact me if you require this server back online.

For remote access, go to Windows Remote Desktop Connection and type in:
Use the username and password provided to you for log in purpose.

Contact me if you would like me to power on my PC or assign a new username and password for you.

Want Live CCTV?

Go to or just click HERE.

Administrators can view / playback / record / make all changes.
Users can only view / playback / record.

Want to watch on VLC? Open VLC > Media > Open Network Stream... (or  Ctrl+Shift+N) and type:

[Example, Camera 1 and Stream 1 link: rtsp://
Camera 6 and Stream 2 link: rtsp://]

Live links are now permanently disabled due to privancy concerns.

Looking for File Access?

Go to or click HERE.

Enter the username / password provided to you. Depending on the set permissions you may read / write / modify files.

If you have read access and need more previliges to write or modify, contact Admin.

I suggest you use Windows to create a network directory for FTP link for better file access instead of using a browser.

Want VPN Access to My Internal Network?

Download OpenVPN and use the Client.ovpn file sent to you over Email.

The Email contains your security key as well.

If you do not have the configuration file, contact Admin.

Want to Open Ports on my Internal Network?

My main router is no longer available for Remote Management and no one outside my home network have access to it.

If you require any ports to be opened/closed, then use VPN to connect via my home network or contact Admin with a detailed requirement Email.


Servers are now running Linux!

Website will be online 24/7!

VPN access to my network available 24/7!